The Last Supper

3/26/2018 12:00:00 AM

For Jesus, the days recorded here are marked with great significance. Though the disciples may not have understood it, Jesus knows that as time marches on, He too marches on toward His death. Moments that seem insignificant or unclear to His followers are moments that Jesus knows are preparing Him for what’s to come.

As the woman came to honor Jesus with the pouring out of her perfume, those around were left baffled. What they saw as a waste of time and money, what Jesus saw was a moment of significance. This was an anointing of His head for the burial to come. When Jesus asked them to prepare for their supper together, the disciples saw nothing out the ordinary, but Jesus saw it as His last opportunity to share this meal with His closest followers. As Jesus broke the bread in symbolism of what would be His broken body and shared the cup in recognition of what would be His blood spilled out, He did so to commemorate for His followers—both then and now—the sacrifice God was about to make to reconcile His people back to Him. Though the disciples may not have understood the significance of the act at the time, Jesus certainly did.

How often are we like the disciples in this way? How often do we miss the significance of what Jesus is doing in our lives right now? How often do we miss out on what He’s trying to teach us? As we move toward Easter this week, don’t miss the significance of the season. Pause to remember just how much Jesus has done in your life during this week alone. Ask Him to keep your eyes open to the significant work He’s doing in your life.