Why is this Friday good?

3/30/2018 12:00:00 AM

People often wonder why this particular day is called “Good Friday.” As we remember this day and read Scriptures detailing the brutal crucifixion and death of Jesus at Calvary, it’s hard not to wonder why such a terrible scene is called anything but horrible. 

Growing up—both in age and faith—helps us discover more and more just how good that Friday is for those who believe in Jesus. Every beating, every cruel word, every nail, every mocking insult—Jesus took them all with the supernatural grace of God and the weight of our sins upon His shoulders. What the world meant for evil, God turned to good—Good Friday, in fact.

While pondering the crucifixion on this Friday, remember the pain of what Jesus endured on our behalf. Remember the weight of sin He took from our shoulders and placed on His own. And remember that He did it for His glory and our good.