21 Days Prayer and Fasting

Sunday, January 7, 2018 - Sunday, January 28, 2018

Our 21 days of prayer and fasting will begin Sunday, January 7 to Sunday, January 28. Look for more information on Sunday at your location and download our New Life app for additional resources!


New Life Community Church begins each year with a time of fasting and praying. The purpose of this is to take our focus off of our earthly concerns and listen to what God has for us as both a church and as individuals in the new year. 

Fasting is Biblical. Prayer and fasting is practiced regularly through the Bible. We see God’s people in both the Old Testament and New Testament pray and fast in order to seek God’s face and what He is calling them to. Read more about this in Nehemiah 9, Esther 4, and Matthew 4. 

Fasting is expected. Jesus, when asked why his disciples didn’t fast, said that “the time will come when the bridegroom will be taken from them; then they will fast.” (Matt. 9:15) Notice that Jesus doesn’t say his followers might fast but they will fast. He leads us as His followers to do the same! 


We have several ways to practice God’s command for us to fast. Pray about which one He is challenging you to do. 

• Water only fast — while on this fast, you refrain from eating any food and drink only water (no other liquids). 

• Juice fast — while on this fast, you drink juice made from fresh fruits and vegetables rather than eating solid foods. 

• Daniel fast — based on Daniel’s desire to fast seen in the Bible, this fast consists of consuming mainly fruits, vegetables, and water. Be sure to check with your doctor before beginning one of these fasts.

• Media fast—with our growing dependency on media, we often do not allow for a time of disconnection or silence. Choose one of the following items to fast from: TV, News, Movies, Music, Radio, Social Media, Video Games.



Fasting is empty without the main component of prayer. When we pray during a fast, we set aside our physical concerns and diligently seek the heart of God through life-changing prayer. Replace your regular meal times with times of prayer and meditating on God’s Word.

Additional resources and information on fasting is available below.

Download and print a fasting calendar for children >