10th Anniversary Service - March 18

3/6/18 12:00:00 AM

With our theme of "God did this..." - we want to remember all that God has done in people's lives at NLLP as we look to the future and what He'll continue to do. Pastor Mark, New Life's senior pastor, will be speaking that Sunday, bringing a challenging word to our location on this special day.

Help us get ready for the 10yr Anniversary by being part of our celebration video!

Use your phone to take a short, 10-15 second video, completing this statement, "While at New Life Lincoln Park, God did this..." and share how God worked in your life. Did you begin following Him? Did you experience His love? Did He give you a calling? Did He encourage you? What has/did God do in your life while at NLLP? We'd like all who are currently part of NLLP to do this, but also anyone who used to be part of NLLP but had to move. We want to hear from tons of people!

Couple things about taking the video:

- Take the video wherever you'd like - in the car (not while you're driving), at home, on the train, while walking down the street, wherever.

- Make sure there isn't a lot of background noise so we can hear you.

- Try to film the video in landscape/horizontal mode

- We need all of the videos in by Monday, March 12

- You can send your video to newlifelincolnpark@gmail.com

This is going to be a really special day for our location and we hope that you can join us!