A Call to Prayer, Love, and Courage

A Letter from Pastor Mark and Josiah Jobe

Dear New Life Family,

It is with heavy hearts that we write to you and acknowledge the profound pain and intense frustration that many people, especially in minority communities, are experiencing at this time. We are deeply burdened for our nation, especially the city of Chicago and our surrounding communities.

The recent global pandemic has kept people isolated and sheltered in home for nearly three months. We personally know six people, some from our congregation, that have died and many others who are sick or recovering from Covid-19.

This pandemic has given way to massive amounts of people losing their jobs leading to unemployment numbers like we have not seen in decades. The growing lines of people at our food distribution sites are evidence of the economic crisis and widespread need.

On top of this, several incidents including images of 46-year-old George Floyd with a knee on his neck gasping for breath begging for his life have left many, including myself, deeply disturbed and wanting justice.

Unfortunately, in cities across America peaceful protests have been hijacked and given way to rioting, looting and violence. Many of our very own communities have been ransacked and vandalized.

As your Pastors, we want to challenge you at this crucial time to join in praying for our city and country. Yes, there are sins, including racism, we as a nation must repent of, stronger bridges we need to build, and communities we need to help.

I’m praying that the witness of New Life Community Church during this crisis will be one marked by love and compassion. Listen to those around you especially those who are hurting. Show empathy, be compassionate, and mourn with those who mourn.

"Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” - Romans 12:21

The hope of our nation is the message of the Gospel of Jesus, carried in love and courage by the people of God. Let’s pray and work together to bring the culture of the Kingdom to the neighborhoods where God has called us. A culture of righteousness (justice), peace and joy.

We continue to pray for our city, our Mayor, our police department, our business owners and the safety of our families and children.



Mark Jobe, Senior Pastor
Josiah Jobe, Lead Pastor
New Life Pastoral Team