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The Language of Lament

The Language of Lament by Jessica Galván To my brothers and sisters in Christ, It is Sunday morning. The sun rose again today to the sounds of the brokenhearted. I honestly don’t know why the evil of racism in our country keeps prevailing. I’m not going to fully pretend like I know why so much…

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A Mother’s Day at Home

A Mother’s Day at Home 5 Creative Ways to Celebrate Mom Mother’s Day is just around the corner and with the shelter in place still active, it’s time to get creative about how to celebrate Mom. As a mother of 2 young kiddos, I’m having a hard time imagining how Mother’s Day will look like…

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What is Faith?

What is Faith? How you can grow in your faith walk with Jesus True Faith is Believing What comes to mind when you think of faith? Maybe trust, belief or confidence in something. We often use this word in different contexts such as “I have faith this will get better.” Or, “I have faith that…

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What is Repentance?

What is Repentance? Discover where true change begins Time to Change How often have you sat and thought “my life needs to change?” I’m not speaking of a change in weekly agenda or a simple habit, but deep, lasting change. This is the change that Jesus calls us to. He has the power to change…

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What is Baptism?

What Is Baptism? For followers of Jesus, there are many moments in life where we can look back and mark the work that he’s done. For many of us, one of those first moments was baptism. It’s a moment that signifies you have chosen to leave behind your old self, and be refreshed as a…

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Our Time to Wait

Our Time to Wait by Jessica Galván You Can’t Cancel Jesus’ Resurrection In Chicago, we are about to hit the height of the Coronavirus pandemic right around Easter Sunday. It’s hard not to think about the timing of all of this. Many are asking God “Why? Why is this happening right now?”. The timing is…

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