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Our purpose is to be a family of love that cooperates with God in making fully devoted fruitful followers of Christ. We would love to see you this Sunday at New Life. Watch our welcome video and learn more below!

Meet Our Pastors

<strong>Luke & Melissa Dudenhofer</strong><br><em><a href="https://newlifecommunity.church/bridgeport/">Visit Bridgeport</a></em>

Pastor Luke and Melissa Dudenhofer

Luke Dudenhofer was raised in Stanton, Michigan, where his father served as a pastor. God saved Luke at a young age, and over several years directed him to pursue pastoral ministry. Luke came to Chicago to study at Moody Bible Institute and later, Moody Theological Seminary. Before joining with New Life, Luke ministered through teaching Junior and Senior High school students in urban schools for three years. In 2002, Pastor Luke helped lead the launch of New Life Bridgeport. He and his wife Melissa have been married since 1998. They find great joy in raising their three children and are excited to be part of God's mission of reconciliation - through the gospel of Jesus - in the Bridgeport community.

<strong>Shaolong and Melody Jiang</strong><br><em><a href="https://newlifecommunity.church/bridgeport/">Visit Bridgeport</a></em>

Shaolong and Melody Jiang 

Shaolong Jiang was born in 1985, raised in Qingdao, east coast of China. Shaolong sensed God's calling to ministry at age 23, quit from a hotel management school in Malaysia, and left his family’s hotel business. He came to North Park University in 2007, graduated with a bachelor degree in Biblical and Theological Studies in 2011, and continued his pastoral training in North Park Theological Seminary. In 2015, Shaolong joined New Life Community Church Bridgeport and started the first Mandarin congregation in the New Life family. That same year, Shaolong started a ministry called Living Water Tea House, which is a ministry focused on sharing the gospel in a traditional Chinese cultural setting. Shaolong likes cooking and film photography. Nearly every week, he cooks for his congregation and hosts a tea house discussion, to bring the local Chinese community to Christ. 姜少龙(沙龙)生于1985年的山东青岛。23岁时回应呼召,从酒店管理学院退学,离开了家族投身了三十年的酒店行业。2012年于Northpark University取得神学与圣经学的本科学位,后于Northpark Theological Seminary读取Mdiv学位。2015年一月受聘于New Life Community Church Chicago,建立了其下属的第一个国语教会。同年开办活水茶堂,是一个让福音和传统文化结合的事工。 兴趣是做菜,喝茶与胶卷摄影,至今几乎每周都会在所服侍的教会为会众做饭,泡茶。

Jackson Cui

Yu Cui(Jackson) has been a member of New Life Community Church Bridgeport Mandarin since January 2015 and currently serves as the church planting resident. Jackson serves in various program capacities, such as leading Bible study group, discipleship training programs and new church location planning projects. Jackson is also in charge of the Mandarin congregation's original music ministry the "Burning Bush Worship Team."


<strong>Justin & Aasha Francis</strong><br><em><a href="https://newlifecommunity.church/bridgeport/">Visit Bridgeport</a></em>

Justin and Aasha Francis

Justin Francis was born and raised in Miami, Florida to two Jamaican immigrant parents. He grew up in church and is the youngest of four children. God saved Justin at the tender age of four and he was baptized at five. After owning his faith and completing a degree in Florida; Justin moved to Chicago to study at Moody Bible Institute and Moody Theological Seminary where he earned his Bachelor’s and Masters Degrees in Pastoral Ministry.

In 2014 at the invitation of his then girlfriend, Justin visited the Englewood Lifegroup that was organized by Pastor Luke Dudenhofer of New Life Bridgeport. He then was married to the love of his life Aasha in 2015 and joined New Life Bridgeport that year as a Pastoral Intern and a member of the congregation. He became an Elder in 2017 and Associate Pastor in 2021.

Justin is passionate about The Life Saving Gospel of Jesus Christ, discipleship, sound doctrine, biblical languages, accurate hermeneutics, Holy-Spirit filled exegesis and energetic preaching. Justin lives in Chicago with his Wife Aasha and their son Justin II (aka Duece). Justin has also been a professional artist, producer and musician for over 20 years. Check out his music and ministry at justinmartyr305.com.