Church at Home

A Resource Guide to Church Online

There is no question that the past week has brought the unexpected. In times like these, when so much is uncertain, we must lean on the consistent and hopeful Word of God. Social distancing is necessary for everyone’s health but that does not mean spiritual disconnect. Last Sunday, church looked different all over our country and thanks to technology we can still worship together. We invite you to join us in showing the world that the church is not just a building but is made up of God’s people. Here are some ideas on how you can stay connected at New Life Community Church while fighting the spread of COVID-19:

Attend Sunday Worship Online

We can still be in community even while we are physically distant. Tune into live streams every Sunday found through many of our locations on our website here. Don’t watch alone! Now is that easiest time to “invite a friend to church”. Share online services with your friends and family. All are invited into our community of worship. After service, consider chatting with friends and fellow New Lifers via video conference or text about the message and how you felt encouraged.

Connect in an Online Group

Even though we are not physically meeting, you can still stay connected by talking over virtual hangouts. Our group leaders are committed to keeping in contact with group members whether that be through your regular weekly meetings or individual check-ins. The Bible App also has plenty of studies that you can do with one another and share prayer requests.

Don’t Forget About the Kids!

Even our kids can stay connected. RightNow Media has a lot of great Christian programming for children of all ages. After they watch or listen to a Bible story, ask them about what they learned and how to apply it. This is also a great opportunity to incorporate their spiritual growth in their daily routine outside of just Sunday worship. As a family, play worship music together, or take turns reading the Bible out loud. Let’s bring our children closer to the Lord as well. Download these activities and resources to your phone or print a copy to hang on the refrigerator!

We know that everyone has differing comfort levels with technology so if you have any questions about how to use any of the suggestions above, feel free to reach out to your location or pastor. Together, we are the hands and feet of Jesus and it is our hope that by doing church at home, we can continue to share the Gospel and bring hope to the hopeless. We truly believe the Holy Spirit is at work in everyone’s homes as we worship. God is preparing a revival in His people and we find comfort in the Lord’s promises today, tomorrow, and for eternity.