One thing—more than any other—keeps us from a compelling life: we are STUCK. Some of us are stuck for short seasons of time. But others surrender to a life of being continually trapped and frustrated. The hang-ups of our past, fear of failure, victim mindsets, broken relationships, disappointment with ourselves—together with the lack of fresh encounters with God—have left many of us struggling and unable to move into our next season.

Unstuck is a wakeup call for all those who are stuck.

In this seven week study, you will identify the symptoms of a life that is stuck and discover a clear pathway to move to your next season. There are seven sticking points that drive us to the cave of stuck:

  1. Isolated Living
  2. Distorted Thinking
  3. Impaired Hearing
  4. Warped Identity
  5. Neglected Issues
  6. Blurred Calling
  7. Deferred Beginnings

     Organized around the most significant event of the prophet Elijah’s life, his cave experience, Unstuck provides what you need to discover what is holding you back from starting a new chapter in life. This study will help you address your unfinished business, rediscover your boundaries, break out of isolation, and re-envision your life story to step out of your cave and into your call.