What is a CrossWalk Community? 

A spiritual family committed to live in close proximity and practice natural family rhythms together like feasting, playing, praying, and celebrating on a regular basis.

What is CrossWalk City? 

A gathering of diverse yet interconnected spiritual families spread throughout the city who are interdependently committed to one another.

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How to Give

CrossWalk is a ministry of New Life Community Church Humboldt Park.  To contribute, click the button below, enter your giving amount, then choose New Life All > Crosswalk.

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Jesus made it about spiritual family:

Jesus knew the most influential entity on the face of the earth was the family unit. Secular sociologists and would whole-heartedly agree. Our biological families strongly SHAPE our worldview, traditions, language, and culture both in positive and negative ways.  It’s not surprise that the scriptures refer to us as brothers and sisters in the family of God.  As Christians, we hear the phrase spiritual family but our outworking of that biblical truth is sadly not practically experienced by many yet desired by most. Jesus set the bar high with certain statements he made concerning following him.

“Let the dead bury the dead…He who leaves his family…He must hate his mother and father…I will turn brother versus brother, father against child, child against their parents…Those who do the will of the father are my brothers and sisters”

It cost the disciples greatly to follow after Jesus but they received something greater in the place of what they gave up…a spiritual family.  All over the world, the above scriptures are as true today as they were for the first century disciples.  I’m not sure we have truly experienced this like we could.

It’s a commitment – Spiritual families would make a covenant commitment to family life for 18-36 months for the sake of building intimacy and stability in all areas of life (S.H.A.P.E.).

Spiritual families made up by affinity – college students, families with children, empty nesters, singles, new married couples.  Ideally, spiritual families would be arranged by triads (groups of 3).

Its close proximity – Life would be done in the same home, same building, same street, same block.  Main reason for this would be for the ease of doing effective and daily ongoing ministry and service.

Its ongoing and daily – I would advocate for “one touch” a day.  Examples: Morning prayer, evening meal, game night, MC, special outing, house/block service project, play time together, scripture share and or study, exercise time together, worship time together etc.


We use the acronym of S.H.A.P.E. to provide a foundation of holistic discipleship. S.H.A.P.E. is applied through different channels, activities,discussions and studies depending on the CrossWalk family. However, it will extend the entire duration of the program and be broken down into 3 six-month phases within each CW family.

Spiritual – “Connecting to Christ”

This movement focuses on helping our disciples to mature in the spiritual disciplines of prayer, meditation, worship, fasting, and studying the scriptures.

Tools – Bible, CrossWalk Curriculum, Scripture Memorization, Journaling, Seasons of fasting, prayer meetings, matched mentorship

Heart – “Connecting to a Call”

This movement focuses on guiding our disciples in finding their place and purpose in God’s kingdom.

Tools – Spiritual gift testing, Church ministries, outreach ministries, non-profit ministries

Aptitude – “Connecting to a Career”

This movement focuses on training our disciples to identify their natural abilities and strengths and moves them towards careers in those fields.

Tools – life plan, visiting professionals and experts, internships, job shadowing, weekly schedule

Physical – “Connecting to a Condition”

This movement focuses on training our disciples establish and maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise routine.

Tools – Shopping lists, collection of recipes, exercise routines, physical trainers

Emotional – “Connecting to Community”

This movement focuses on helping our disciples develop healthy relational skills.

Tools – Emotional Healthy Spirituality, biblical counseling, Group Sessions, Counseling

Pastor John and Bethany LaTorre

<strong>John and  Bethany LaTorre</strong><br><em><a href="">Visit Humboldt Park</a></em>

In 2003, John LaTorre was radically delivered from the bondages of heroin addiction and given a restart at a new life through Jesus Christ. Upon his deliverance, Johnny B spent nearly 3 years at Teen Challenge in Boston, MA where he grew as a disciple of Christ, a leader of His people and a lover of His Word. In 2006, he moved to Chicago to attend Moody Bible Institute. He received his Pastoral Studies degree in 2010 and immediately enrolled in the Masters of Ministry program at Moody Theological Seminary where he is currently studying for his Masters of Ministry degree. He was married in 2009 to his partner and best friend Bethany. The following year they were blessed with their first daughter Jayla. Johnny B has served in the Humboldt Park neighborhood since 2009 with the hope of seeing the same transforming power he experienced shed abroad in as many lives as possible. In January 2012, John assumed the role of lead pastor for the English congregation in Humboldt Park where he still currently serves.

For more information about our ministry, please contact us:

New Life Community Church Humboldt Park: 773-252-1104

Pastor John LaTorre

Bethany LaTorre