Teach Us to P.R.A.Y.

Pause | Rejoice | Ask | Yield |

Use the model P.R.A.Y. to guide you as your read scripture and pray each day.


• 1st Reading — Read slowly to take it in

• 2nd Reading — Prayerfully ask God before reading to draw your heart to one phrase. Read slowly. As you read, which phrase sticks out to you? Why would the Lord draw you to that phrase?

• 3rd Reading — Prayerfully ask God to tend to your heart through the scripture: to encourage, challenge, grow or convict you.


From the text, what about God can you be grateful for? Joyfully acknowledge this to Him. Focus on Him and who he is during this moment.


Talk to God about this scripture you’ve paused with. How can He help you? Be open and genuine with Him.


When you think about your life in light of today’s time with God, what does it look like to be faithful and obedient? Remember, we need to be doers of the Word and not merely hearers. What is a specific way you can live out, “Lord, your will be done.”