Your Next Big Step


This is a healthy sign of commitment and faithfulness. Keep this book for reference when you mentor other believers through the same steps you’ve taken. At this point it is very important that you chart your next steps and follow through without delay. Here are three key steps to take:

Set your Baptism Date

If you haven’t already set the date with your mentor do so right now and schedule your baptism date. In preparation for your Baptism be sure to:

  • Sign up at the information center and ask about your
    Baptism t-shirt. This is the shirt you will be baptized in.
  • Bring appropriate clothes: An under-shirt, towel, swimming trunks or pants and a dry set of clothes to change into.
  • Your Baptism is a great day to plan a special lunch after service for all your friends. It also encourages their attendance. Who doesn’t like free lunch?

Tell the World

If you haven’t already done so, contact all the people on your love list and anyone close to you inviting them to witness your Baptism. It is a special day that marks a life- changing commitment like no other. Invite your friends and family to your big event. Make sure to fill out the correct date, time and location on the invites.

Plan Your Next Big Step

Now that you are taking the step of believer’s Baptism you’re ready to take the next step in the GPS:

  • Connect into a Small Group, or visit a Membership Class
  • Serve in and out of the church or Grow by joining in an Encounter Retreat.

Your Next Big Step

We encourage you to take advantage of the growth opportunities that are happening. You can find more information about all these things at our Resource Center.