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Opening the Word of God Daily

The Word of God The Apostles’ Teaching Are you finding ways to actively grow in your faith? If you have been following Jesus for any amount of time, you know that growth is a never-ending process. Every day of our lives, we should strive to become more like Jesus. In this series, we’ll cover six…

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Fellowship With Others

Fellowship Members with One Another To be fully devoted one must connect in community with others. You might have heard the word “fellowship” in church or even in your daily reading. Fellowship is essential to your faith walk. It means to be sharing your life with other Christians you are in community with. In fact,…

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Partaking Communion

Why do we Partake Communion? Remembering Christ’s Body and Blood You may notice at the end of the month, we gather together to partake in communion as a Church. You likely have either seen or partaken in this experience before, without really understanding the true meaning. We do this as the bible instructs: “And when…

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Prayer is Communicating with God

Prayer Communicating With God “Relying on God has to begin all over again every day as if nothing had yet been done.” – C.S. Lewis Prayer is essential to growing in your faith and deepening your relationship with Christ. Put simply, prayer is communicating with God as you would with a friend. God doesn’t require…

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An Attitude of Giving

Godly Stewardship An Attitude of Giving Do you have an attitude of giving? When many people hear this, they tend to freeze up, as it’s often associated with money. But giving can mean far more than just your finances, it can mean your time and energy too. More so, giving is what God calls us…

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Praising God is a Priority

Praising God Lifting Up His Name You’re likely familiar with the time in church we take to praise God and sing worship songs together. But did you know that praise is an important part of discipleship? As God works and moves in our lives, it’s hard to hold back the joy we have! Praise and…

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