How to Read the Bible

Set a Time: Make an appointment with God that you intend to keep.

Set a Place: Find a place free from distractions that allows you to focus on God.

Set a Plan: Have an intentional strategy of what you will do during this time.

Choose a Partner: Find someone who will ask you about how you are doing so that you can encourage one another and share what God is showing you.

I will read my Bible ____ days a week, starting at  ____:____ and read for ____ minutes  a day.

Use S.O.A.P. When Reading the Bible

We read the Bible for more than just information. In order for God’s Word to transform us we must reflect and meditate on what we are learning. S.O.A.P. is a simple approach to use when reading the Bible.

Scripture - What did I read?

Write down the date and passage you read from God’s Word each day.

Observation - What did I see?

Write down a few notes of what impacted you from the passage.

Application - What will I do?

Write down a sentence for how you will take action on what you read.

Prayer - Ask God for help.

Write a short prayer asking God to help you put into practice what you learned.

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