Lead Me, I’ll Follow “Follow me…”

Jesus’ call to “Follow me…” is relational. As fully devoted, fruitful followers, Jesus is calling us to be students of who He is and what He is doing (head), and to be totally transformed to be like Him (heart), so that we are living on mission with Him (hands).


Open: Who first shared the good news, the gospel of Jesus with you? What was your relationship with this person?


1. Looking at Matthew 4:17-22, describe what it looks and sounds like for a follower of Jesus to be ALL IN.


2. Why must a follower of Jesus not only learn what Jesus teaches but live how Jesus lives?


3. Read Luke 14:25-33. What costs are you counting in following Jesus as both Lord and Savior?


4. Jesus asks us to do three things to follow him: repent, believe, and be baptized. Have you turned from your sin, trusted in Jesus, and taken the step of baptism? If yes, explain. If no, why not?


5. How are you saying, “I’m ALL IN!” with your lips? How are you showing, “I’m ALL IN!” with your life?




Jesus, I will hold nothing back from you

Head, heart, and hands, I’m all in for you

Lead me, I will follow

Shape me, I’m moldable

Send me, I’ll go

Jesus, your love consumes me

And now your love compels me

To be all in the mission of

Making disciples of you