Shape Me, I’m Moldable “…and I will make you…”

Jesus’ commitment to make us into fully devoted, fruitful followers is intentional. Jesus is calling us to be with Him and with one another in community (connect), to watch Him and work alongside Him (grow), and to be sent out together by Him to do the work that He did (engage) – all of which fills Him with joy!


Open: Share one thing you have made before – a special recipe, a piece of art, or other project. What was this process like?


1. Read Luke 6:40. What does it mean for Jesus to be above you? …and for you to be “fully trained”?


2. Discuss this quote together: “God loves you just the way you are, but He refuses to leave you that way. He wants you to be just like Jesus.” (Max Lucado) How are these words true for you?


3. Read Luke 10:1-9. What are some ways Jesus’ followers connect, grow, and engage?


4. What are some ways you are connecting, growing, and engaging with your faith?


5. How are you saying, “I’m ALL IN!” with your lips? How are you showing, “I’m ALL IN!” with your life?



Jesus, I will hold nothing back from you

Head, heart, and hands I’m all in for you

Lead me , I will follow

Shape me, I’m moldable

Send me, I’ll go

Jesus your love consumes me

And now your love compels me

To be all in the mission of

Making disciples of you